Monday, 18 November 2013

TRAVEL: What to pack for a weekend away

EVERY SINGLE TIME I go away I always panic about what to pack....
What if I don't pack enough clothes? What if I forget something important?
I find myself Googling "What to pack for a weekend away" "packing for weekend holiday" "what to take on a long weekend" etc.... And now I have my own list to check off each time and here it is---

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TRAVEL: Maleny and Montville part 2

Travel post: Our 1 year anniversary, spent in Maleny/Montville in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland

It is safe to say we had the most amazing weekend ever in Maleny and Montville.

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Thursday, 31 October 2013


Last Halloween, I was working as a waitress in an Irish themed bar/pub/restaurant in Emerald, Queensland. My manager made me dress up as a German bar maid to promote our Oktoberfest and I guess I caught someone's eye ;) ....
And he caught my eye too. This random guy dressed as The Joker scared the life out of me and my friend. I later saw him after I knocked off work and we had a quick chat.... And we have been together ever since :)

Here is us that night (no photo together so I had to photoshop one, I don't have computer skillzz, I know...)-

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

TRAVEL: Glasshouse Mountains

TRAVEL POST: Mount Ngungun

This is just a mini post--- me and the boyf climbed up Mount Ngungun which is one of only two Glasshouse mountains open for the public to climb. The others are all closed due to dangers on the track - you *can* walk up them if you want to but, really, please don't. Stay safe guys.
 We both wore trainers rather than flip flops (aka thongs) which was good because towards the top it did start to get a bit rocky! The climb wasn't too hard, it was a hot day so I got pretty sweaty but neither of us were out of breath at the top.
It didn't take too long either, we stopped for a while at the top taking in the views - about an hour in total from start to finish including a while to drink in the views & take loads of photos!

Below - some pictures I took using my iphone, they turned out really nicely!

TRAVEL: Mount Tamborine

TRAVEL POST: Scarecrow festival at Mount Tamborine

I had an amazing day with family and friends at the Mount Tamborine Scarecrow festival, in October 2013.
Mount Tamborine is up in the Gold Coast hinterland and a popular spot with tourists. It is most famous for the Gallery Walk which is the main street through town, filled with various shops and cafes.
Mount Tamborine offers great views over the coast, it can get pretty windy up there  and chilly in the winter!

The scarecrows were spread all around - outside people's homes, outside shops and on random street corners. It was really fun spotting them and the Celebrity themed Scarecrows were hilarious!

 Above: beautiful views from Mount Tamborine

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TRAVEL: Toowoomba

TRAVEL POST: A long weekend in Toowoomba

I am an organised person, I like to make plans in advance and get everything sorted out. The plan was to spend the Labor Day public holiday weekend up in Bundaberg visiting Trent's cousins. A couple of days before the long weekend, Trent changes his mind and suddenly there is no plan. I looked at places to stay on the Sunshine coast, Brisbane and even the Gold Coast but TWO DAYS before the long weekend obviously everywhere was either booked or ridiculously expensive.
So that is how we ended up going to Toowoomba and we both actually really liked it there!
See, sometimes things really do work out for the best in the end.

Above: the sun setting as we drove up from Brisbane to Toowoomba.

We stayed in a great motel called the Great Divide - it had a spa bath! It was honestly the most luxurious motel we have stayed in, the room was beautiful and the staff were so helpful.

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TRAVEL: Killarney

TRAVEL POST: A drive out to Killarney, via Warwick

I had never heard of this small country town before until Trent suggested we take a drive there. Well, its about 3 hours each way so we didn't get to spend too much time in the town itself but the drive was absolutely gorgeous - I love seeing small towns away from the coast, its like a whole different world and I wish more people would venture out beyond the cities and the beach.
Killarney has a pub, hospital, school, a couple of coffee shops, 2 estate agents, a supermarket and there was even a traveling library in the car park when we arrived!
Close by is Queen Mary falls and a selection of walking tracks, which were beautiful.

 Above: charming old pub in Killarney

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